The password: Changed it, forgot it – Raspberry Pi

Posted for my later reference.

It happened when I was about to connect the RPi to the interwebs. I changed the user password to something smart, then forgot it. Having not enabled the root user I was locked out.

As it turns out it’s really simple to reset. Just follow a simple step-by-step, like the one I found at

In short:

  1. Add init=/bin/sh to the end of cmdline.txt, which is to be found on the FAT-partition.
    Make sure the contents in this file stays in one line.
  2. Power up the RPi
  3. A command prompt magically appears
  4. Type the following:
mount -o remount,rw /
passwd pi
(enter a new password)
exec /sbin/init

Remove the added command from cmdline.txt, power up the RPi and log in with the new password.


Exif viewer and other online image tools

Posted for my later reference. 

Read EXIF-value: Jeffrey’s Exif Viewer

Online toolbox for images:

Eksempler på verktøy hos

This site has pretty much every thing in one place. has it all. One click hosting, share, reverse search, hidden data – like exif, edit-tools, add effects, converters. My favorite – or most used – must be the “What font is used on this picture”.